Genetics don't have to be a MTHFR! Hey MTHFR Academy is a 16-week exploration of how to live optimally with an MTHFR variant. Course includes weekly reading material, quizzes, implementation challenges, printouts, and accountability tools.

What You Get

Having an MTHFR variant is connected to a wide variety of health problems, including cardiovascular distress, blood clotting disorders, neurological problems, the development of autoimmune disease, fertility struggles, food sensitivities, and more. Thankfully, lifestyle changes can make all the difference. Ever heard of epigenetics? It means that we can change the expression of our genes for the better, without changing the DNA code. Hey MTHFR Academy will guide you in harnessing that exciting power in a way that is tailored to the MTHFR gene. Here is what you can expect...

  • 16 modules of weekly reading content covering a wide variety of holistic healing concepts, as well as how they connect to the MTHFR gene. Discover how to thrive with your MTHFR variant!

  • Diet, supplementation, and lifestyle guidance that is tailored to having an MTHFR variant. Optimize your life, according to your specific genetics!

  • Quizzes, printouts, and implementation challenges that ensure retention of concepts, sustainable transformation, and accountability. Set yourself up for epigenetic success!



Brooke Bartolomeo

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach. Homozygous for the C677T variant. Passionate about epigenetics.